Little Lights (CD)

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Little Lights (CD)


Scottish, Irish, Quebecois and Original tunes, arranged for Celtic Harp, feat. special guests Natalie Haas and Tim Edey

1) La Valse à Huit Ans

2) The Kilmovee/ Sailing Down Fulton Street

3) Lunchtime Boredom

4) The Wild Geese

5) Old Maids of Galway/ Downey’s/ Brian Kelly’s

6) Around the Fairy Fort/ The Shetland Fiddler

7) La Gueussinette

8) Trip to Dinan/ Princess Nancy’s

9) The Fairy Queen

10) Lili’s hornpipe/ The Harp and Shamrock

11) Glimmer

All tunes arranged by Ailie Robertson

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